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Behind The Scenes – Warehouse

03.09.2020 • Community Involvement

People are one of the most important pillars of our mission at Key Surgical. Thanks to the passion and effort that drives all of us every day to do more than expected, we manage to be a trustworthy partner for you, our customers.


Today we want to introduce the Key Surgical GmbH Warehouse team. A team consisting of almost 60 employees who store, process and dispatch approx. 15,000 items that come through every day.
Our warehouse at Key Surgical GmbH, in Lensahn, consists of three halls. In the first hall is the incoming goods area and where our quality assurance is located. The assembly, production and part of the outbound process, are in the second and third hall. In all three halls there are high racks with approx. 16,000 storage spaces for our finished and raw items.
In these warehouse walls you will find a team that goes far beyond the usual colleague relationship. It's more of a family who have stuck together for years, and actually, relatives from the region are brought together.

The Hinz Family

A good example of family this is the Hinz family. A father, mother and son spend their days in the Key Surgical GmbH Warehouse together. Nico started with us as a temporary worker during his school days and later continued his formal education with us. Today he works in the incoming goods department and after he has taken the goods, he puts them into production. His mother, Bianka, is responsible for packaging with seven other colleagues, preparing the goods and giving them to replen area, where her husband, Reini, works. He stores the goods in the outbound area where picking and packaging of the orders from parcels to pallets happens. Finally, the items are packed and handed over to the transporter, who delivers them to you, our customers.


Tobias Balzer – Team Leader Outbound

We take great pride and importance of the people we work with, and we are very proud of is we are a company that also cares about our temporary workers and provide opportunities to them when full time open positions are available. We have already created jobs to keep good temporary workers who have shown their dedication and hard working skills.
One of the greatest achievements that we celebrate and are proud of in our warehouse, in past years, is the FBI, (Finishgood Bin). These are small shelves with a drawer system, they was introduced in 2018 and improved again in 2019. This made the outbound processing much easier, because the articles are stored neatly, accurate and clearly. This makes the process more effective, faster, and much easier.


Dennis Kubowski – Warehouse Supervisor DE

In the last few years, since Key Surgical took over Interlock, there have been many changes and improvements. We have brought together goods from not just one company, but from five. We have accordingly increased our capabilities, capacity and doubled packing tables to fit for demand. We strive to improve our processes through developing our technology within the next two years, to introduce conveyor belts to guarantee a faster and easier process, so our products are not stacked in pallets, but go straight out to delivery. This way we will win time and energy to be able to deliver the goods that our customers need on time and in the right quality.
We are very proud of, the great togetherness that can be felt here every day, everyone is there for each other and everyone is willing to help. We still have a long way to go and look forward to what the future brings.

Everything we do is with one aim: to be a trustworthy partner to you, our customers.
If you would like to find out more, please contact us on +49 040 723 7470 or via our e-mail address info@keysurgical.de
If you want to fin out more about our history read our blog here.